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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Aug 13, 2013

An extended water cooler chat with Jerry, Sam, and Joe, discussing issues facing new ACN members, featuring tips from seasoned pros.


- iPhone 5S: Joe doubles down on prediction from Episode 002 that new iPhone would be called iPhone 5S, the S for Secure. Last week, iOS 7 beta 4 leaked a new folder called “BiometricKitUI" including strings containing VoiceOver text describing a "photo of a person holding an iPhone with their left hand while touching the Home button with their thumb"; home button fingerprint scanner + passcode = two factor authentication, iCloud Keychain providing seamless integration with Safari on the Mac


- sending clients to the local Apple Stores for good will and possible referrals vs. earning extra cash for your referrals through the Apple Business Affiliate and Apple Store Affiliate programs

- the added pressures of actively selling your services and promoting a solution vs. passively offering to help

- Jerry does a client impersonation

- what not to do: don't bash a previous tech

- what to do: trust your gut; trust your instinct; let a new client know about the fee in advance and get paid at the time services are rendered; carry a Square card reader and take credit card payment using your iPhone; don't let too much time go by before collecting accounts receivable; document everything; get paid; get a good read on a new client and don't be afraid to say no

- ACN Plus membership; ACN Member Store coupons

- ACN Company membership; multiple locations

- Terms of Service

Memorable lines:

"Don't bash a previous tech." – Sam