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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Sep 6, 2013

Recorded Live on 8/27/2013

Sam, Jerry, and Joe discuss rates and pricing after a digression into Mac OS X Server services.


- Jerry reports that Find My Mac only works on WiFi; only works when WiFi network interface is listed first in Network preferences set service order; requires Recovery Partition


- password manager frustrations; Apple's opportunity to solve the problem with iPhone 5S and iCloud Keychain

- Jerry mentions Ryan Block's idea to prevent iPhone from turning off unless passcode was entered to improve security and allow Find My iPhone

- Sam discusses using Profile Manager to enable Remote Wipe without iCloud

- Mac OS X Server services discussion; in-house email hosting considerations

- rates discussion: how to charge; minimums; project-based billing vs. hourly

- onsite/phone/remote; labor; diagnostics fee; travel time

- discount for contracts/prepaid hours

- whether to post rates on the website

- remote support options: ARD over VPN, join.meTeamViewer

- remote hard drive shredding vs. occupying space on the workbench to securely erase