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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

May 14, 2015

Recorded live on May 5, 2015

This week we are celebrating our 100th episode!  It might have been wishful thinking when we started out with three-digit episode numbers back at #001, but that foresight came to be, less than two years after starting the show. (Let's try not to go higher than episode 999.)

We did something special for our 100th episode: during the live broadcast, we invited listeners to join us on the air!

To kick off this free-for-all, we were honored to be joined by Kim Manitt of MacDivas & Neil Ticktin, Editor in Chief and Publisher of MacTech. Neil announced his own milestone: printing the 350th issue of MacTech Magazine!  (Also: 25K food servings. [Alcoholic beverages? Not fit to print.])  Kim and Neil talk with us about the upcoming series of MacTech Pro events.  Listeners: check it out! Use our link ( for $200 off, plus a full year of MacTech Magazine in both print and iPad.

On a sad note, condolences to the family and friends of longtime ACN, Kevin Lockey, who has passed away after a battle with cancer. Kevin will be missed.

Huge thanks to our impromptu live guests:

Jerry recommends the BlueBuds X wireless bluetooth headphones.

And thanks to all of our live listeners for showing up month after month for our live broadcast!