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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Nov 3, 2015

Recorded on October 27, 2015

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- Joe Shares some unusual behavior in Apple Remote Desktop when performing a remote upgrade to El Capitan
Sam cites - El Capitan - Setup Assistant Screen Capture -
Jerry mentions gaining access to an un recognized Server in ARD and perhaps a result of consultants using the same Server access credentials across clients.

- Discussion about " OS X Server Essentials & Mac Management Basics Will Not Be updated" - No more ACTC 201 Certification

Managing Apple Devices: Deploying and Maintaining iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite Devices, 2nd Edition - by Arek DreyerKevin M. White

Course available at Instruct Us LLC

- Jerry shares a story about a client moving away from ACN IT support and choosing a general IT support company.  Looking for “end to end coverage” - help desk IP Phone support, Backup & security mumbo jumbo

- Discussion about Rumpus,  a great FTP and Web file transfer server - 
Problems with Apache in the new version of Server 5
The old fix per Rumpus

and the new fix, thanks to Charles Edge of Krypted.com

- Joe's Smaller "Slice Of Pizza"
Joe calls an audible on the 6+, goes back to a normal sized phone

 Shared below are Joe's personal notes on the topic....

- have been unhappy with size and weight of iPhone 6+
- rotation glitches since the beginning, but way worse since upgrading to iOS 9; no improvement with 9.0.2
- seems slow, seems ram constrained, e.g. Safari reloading tabs all the time
- fumbled a handoff and dropped the iPhone face down on a hike recently; initially no crack, but as I was holding it in my hand I heard and felt the hardline crack appear horizontally across the face of the device
- decided to pay off my AT&T Next plan ($500) and buy a new iPhone 6s at full retail because screw cell contract crap

- affords the opportunity to start over and rebuild from scratch while still referring to my old iPhone for a while longer in case I miss something

- ultimately plan to repair it under AppleCare ($79) and then sell it at full retail since it will be "new", untouched, with plastic covering the glass
- or maybe I can talk Apple into replacing it due to the "Crescent Moon" effect (no, I'm not referring to DND)

After eight years forward-migrating to each new iPhone, starting over: "Set up as a new iPhone"

Methodology: iCloud, Mail accounts, review Mail account settings; review recent apps in the app switcher (never quit anything) to install and configure most used apps. Configure Dropbox first, in order to sync 1password, then configure 1password in order to access passwords for everything else

Other stuff: turn off keyboard and lock sounds, mail sounds, turn off vibrate on silent, set background, turn on battery percentage, home screen layout, VPN configurations, mail folder shortcuts, VIPs (not syncing contacts through iCloud), Apple Watch pairing, alarms

- iCloud brings back a lot of useful things: Safari tabs, Podcast subscriptions, favorites in Maps, cities in Weather
- calculator looks normal
- haven't seen a rotation glitch yet
- haven't seen any stuttering animation
- oh crap, didn't think about Messages app
- Apple Watch and iPhone both ring much faster