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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Mar 1, 2016

Thanks to last week's guest co-hosts, Luis Giraldo and Justin Esgar of ACEs Conference, as well as their special guests, Amy McKnight of the Mac Spa, Lucas Acosta of Foojee, and Allen Hancock of Watchman Monitoring.

- we discuss Amy McKnight's idea on last week's show about planning for your Business Maturity date: the date by which your business matures to the point at which it can run without you; see Amy's talk at ACEs 2016

- just running the operation vs. keeping up to date with certifications and practicing technical skills

- diversifying your business by learning new skills and focusing on new areas of business, perhaps tangential to your Apple consulting practice

- Sam attended a Certified Wireless Network Administrator class, a great example of professional development

- Sam's WiFi tip, a tiny 802.11ac USB adapter for older laptops: Edimax EW-7711MAC AC450 Nano USB Wi-Fi Adapter

- we discuss the talk on Slack of our recent episode 142: Occam's Razor - Migration or Clean Install?

- Sam's example of an investigation into his own machine beach balling; solution? Spotlight index

- We're going to ACEs! use #ACEsConf2016 and coupon code ACEs&CCP for $50 off!