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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Apr 5, 2016

Recorded On March 29, 2016

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Thanks to all our Contributors: JD Strong - Strong Solutions
Daniel Escobar - Proactechs, Luis Giraldo- MonkeyBox


- Daylite  CRM - "Do big things with your business." 

         A business productivity app made exclusively for the Mac, iPhone & iPad.
         Daylite Mail Integration

- Apple Contacts application Hanging? Possible Fix provided by Luis Giraldo

To find out which contact is broken, follow these steps:

1) Find your iCloud account and uncheck and re-check "Enable this account"
2) Open /var/log/system.log
3) Search for "Ignored vCard" or maybe even "ERROR" until you find data about the contact in question that is breaking your sync.
4) Copy the important data for that contact by hand into a new contact.
5) Delete the original, corrupt contact.
6) Uncheck/re-check "Enable this account" in preferences.
7) If sync fails again with the same error, repeat from step 4 until you have no more issues.

- Jerry & Joe's  Phone System - RingCentral | Phone System, VoIP, Cloud PBX, 800 Numbers

- ZenDesk - Using macros to update tickets and chat sessions
Pricing -

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- We're going to ACEs Conference! use #ACEsConf2016 and coupon code ACEs&CCP for $50 off!

- We're going to ACEs Conference! use #ACEsConf2016 and coupon code ACEs&CCP for $50 off!