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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Aug 2, 2016

Recorded July 27, 2016

We are sponsored this week byGruntwork by Mac-MSP. Gruntwork is the ultimate managed service package for you and your clients. "Think of what you would do when trying to solve a user’s support request: run a disk verification utility. Run permission repair. Update the affected software to the latest version. With Gruntwork, those chores have already been accomplished. Your time spent troubleshooting issues is greatly reduced when the common maladies are already ruled out. Better yet, Gruntwork prevents many common problems, so the Mac just works and you can focus on higher level tasks for your client." 
Find out more at - and tell them CCP sent you.


- Joe regales the crew with his story of a client who "tried everything" to fix their Server.  Failing Promise Pegasus RAID's and a corrupt Open Directory led to a discussion regarding Forget Computers great free product called Bender- Automated Backup of OS X Server Settings. Also discussed is recovering Open Directory from Time Machine.



Click on Photo to See video

Click on Photo to See video

- Sam chats about his ballon ride landing in Arizona - video here:

Lyft & Uber Sure Pricing -

- Sam talks about his family getting sidelined on an American Airlines flight. Follow Sam on Twitter and join in the fun -

- Shimo VPN Client That Will run PPTP -

- Mail Act-On From SmallCubed That Performs a "Send Later Function:

- Sam discusses an issue with a clients Synology NAS and binding to Active Directory. Users in the AD Group experiencing slow file connections, listing and transfers.

Synology NAS & Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage -