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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Oct 25, 2016

Recorded October 18, 2016

We're sponsored this week by Watchman Monitoring, a favorite tool of ours that should be in every professional consultant's toolkit.

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- Joe mentions HFS stands for hierarchical file system, pronunciation guide on hierarchical (compare to incorrect "hierarchial" [sp] and vs. hierarchal meaning)

MacSysAdmin 2016
"How can you avoid the catastrophes caused by disk drive failure"
Tim Standing, SoftRAID

- Joe's iCloud Photo Library not updating in Photos app, not loading at "Cannot Load Library: Photos was unable to load your photos and videos." Photos app open with Option-Command to repair library, required administrator authentication

- FatCat Software, Power Photos

- Future - Apple Backing Up Entire Mac Hard Drive

- Unlimited Secure Storage from Amazon

- Apple Optimizing Your Storage In Sierra

- Joe receives a Watchman Monitoring notice about one of his own Macs: PsiMac Joe mini of PsiMac has reported a change: The computer has begun downloading an OS Upgrade: "10.12 - Sierra". Judy observes "I guess still better than Windows starting Windows 10 update when you click the X on the prompt to do so.."

- Watchman detected Joe's MacBook Pro upgraded to Sierra had not backed up in 10 (7?) days, needed to update TimeMachineEditor