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Command Control Power Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Nov 12, 2019


-The New York City support edition

-Sam had a sizable job in NYC and had to request assistance from Joe & Jerry

-But first, Joe discusses his upgrade to the iPhone 11 Pro and working with the dual SIM feature

-Joe finds out that it is not possible to activate an eSIM with an existing phone number


-Jerry can...

Nov 5, 2019

This week we welcome Justin Esgar of Virtua Consulting Group & Virtua Computers

-ACEs Conference just completed its 5th year!

-2019 introduced a new format of less speakers and more round table discussions

-ACEs 2020 has been announced!  May 19-20 in Atlanta, GA

-Code CCP at will get you 10% off...

Oct 29, 2019



This week Command Control Power is joined by  Adam Engst of the TidBITS Content Network: . The TidBITS Content Network provides professionally written, edited, and illustrated tips and articles that its members can use to update their blogs, create a vibrant social media...

Oct 22, 2019


-Jerry teases that there are more things to come from Synology

-Jerry is listening to The Shining on audio and talks of the value of audio books

-“Catalina Witt” is a reference to the latest operating system that goes over Joe’s head

-Joe thinks a new corner called “Bozo clients” is in order as he...

Oct 15, 2019


-This week we have the pleasure of sitting down with Richard Wingfield, owner and Head Geek at Envision Design based in Houston, TX

-Richard is a frequent contributor to the show, not just on air but behind the scenes in frequent communications with the hosts

-After taking the time to emotionally recover, he is...