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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Jul 28, 2020


-The show starts with Joe & Jerry as Sam is rushing back from a job. 

-Jerry has been spending his free time on Facebook Marketplace. He gives us a little history of stereo equipment as he picks up a couple of Marantz receivers. 

-A client reaches out to Joe for a fan repair on an old Mac running OS 9!


Jul 21, 2020


-Fake keyboard sounds drive Jerry bananas

-Amazing calculator tips are blowing our minds.

-A TeamViewer tip from Jerry. Or not.

-Sam has done some research to automate the installation of TeamViewer Host as well as auto assigning and grant easy access. 

-Jerry shared a video of a person scamming the scammers by...

Jul 14, 2020


-As Sam ventures out to clients again, he realizes he is not prepared for some basic functionality out in the world.

-Both Joe & Jerry are fancy coffee drinkers

-Jerry was in for a shock as he walks in the door to a client where they were not practicing the same measures that he was for safety.

-Joe was hopeful...

Jul 7, 2020

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-Jerry gets a real kick out of Joe’s texts of frustration with clients.

-Joe’s patience is tried with a client simply unable to deal with passwords. It’s a remote session that would have taken down the best of us.

-Jerry has a password...