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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Aug 15, 2017



Managing Client Time: Jerry talks about assisting client looking to run FedEx Shipping Manger.  Parallels installation, Windows 10 and finally a failing FedEx Shipping Manager install.

Joe takes on his long days journey into night, performing Apple Security Updates on Late 2014 Retina 5K iMac and a 2013 Mac Pro, both running El Capitan 10.11.6. Security Update makes the Macs non-bootable.

Update: Stay tuned for a follow up about this issue!

Flashback to Episode 181: Solutions For The Apple Consultant / LSD- What A Long Strange Trip Its Been

- similar symptoms as before: custom app icons failing to show in the dock, generic app icons being shown in their place, same thing happening in Finder windows, folder listing taking minutes before even the contents of the Applications folder would display and even then only generic app icons, Spotlight having weird text overlay, general GUI rendering issues, and generic icon representing the result of a search for Terminal

- solution from the first "trip" didn't work (removing the contents of /private/var/folders/* and restarting), nor did Safe Boot, PRAM reset, SMC reset, reinstall of 10.11.6

- solution on the Mac Pro was boot to clone, use CCC to restore clone to internal SSD

- tried same solution on iMac, booted to clone just fine and used CCC to restore clone to internal SSD, but then it got into a "boot loop" where it would show Apple logo and brief progress bar, then back screen, then reboot and show Apple logo, and repeat

- reinstalled 10.11.6 on iMac internal SSD after restoring the clone, and it worked

- "Just Say No" to updates? Bonus: Are Acid Flashbacks A Myth?


Sam takes us through his on site installation of Ubiquiti UniFi hardware and we compare vs. Eero Pro and AirPort Extreme.

Joe discusses setup of Cannon Printer using buggy built in software.