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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Aug 29, 2017


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-Joe details some followup on Flashback from Episode 220

  • same issue happened again, but this time the user would log in, apps wouldn't open, but we could log out

  • appeared to be user level; our admin user logged in fine

  • removed Gruntwork, no change

  • removed main user account, preserving home folder; recreated main user account; had been configured to auto login

  • Could it be solved but deleting the Finder cache?

-Jerry details his struggles replacing a Comcast EMTA ( embedded multimedia terminal adapter ) modem with an Xfinity branded modem/router to achieve faster speeds.

- Dan Monge -
Workflow App - Create a List Of The Predefined Commands To Text To

-Jerry discusses some of the consumer tech podcasts he listens to like:

  • Mac Power Users -

  • Mac Geek Gab -

  • Jason Snell & David Sparks - Free Agent -

  • Tagging With Terptra - MacPower Users -

Automatic filing with Hazel and Mavericks tags

Hazel -
GUI for Apple Scripting, Watch Folders, Filing, Actions, Renaming Tagging

Jason Snell & David Sparks - Free Agent - #26: A Batphone to My Heart

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