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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Sep 12, 2017



Christopher Holmes of Rooted Consulting and HCS Technology Group
Twitter: @josemocha
Instagram: @josemocha

Chris and Sam talk up Slack and using it internally

Sam going to set up a tent at a local festival as a new avenue to reach out to potential customers

A discussion brews about keeping smaller clientele vs large entities that represent a large portion of your income

To sign or not to sign?  Sam contemplates whether signing a new client was the right fit

An opportunity arises where a PC consultancy wants to partner up

Chris talks about his company, Rooted Consulting and their help desk offering called Flex Desk

Hiring is forever on Sam’s mind…

Why is searching network volumes so difficult?

Easy Find vs Finder

Chris brings up AFP going away in High Sierra

Preventing updates by clients.  The ongoing battle

iOS screen sharing?  TeamViewer says it’s coming in iOS 11!