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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Apr 24, 2018

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This week we welcome Gene Reich of POINT Consultants. Gene is responsible for all things POINT. With over ten years of IT experience, he has grown POINT from startup to where it is today.  He continues to lead the company vision and direction for the future.  Gene is also a member of the ACN Advisory Council.

POINT has offices in New York and San Francisco

-Gene talks about the early days of POINT and how he got his start

 -He discusses how he found work and hired his first employee.  It was more of an emotional decision rather than a financial one.

-POINT now has 7 employees

-His frisbee days are behind him and Gene talks about managing his schedule both in and out of the office 

-Gene discusses acquiring a business in San Francisco after changes at a company called Rocket Science

-We talk about what prompted Gene to join the Apple Consultants Network originally and what brought him to the Advisory Council in 2017

-Joe & Gene discuss how ACN enrollment is currently paused until some of the serious changes are in place

-Gene talks about managing people and explaining not only what is important but WHY certain things are important

-You can find Gene at

-After our interview with Gene, Joe describes an odd issue with a Mac mini hosted at Mac Stadium was displaying Google searches in Russian.  Malware were early thoughts that were debunked.  Joe suspected it was something to do with the IP address.  After finally being assigned an IP in a different subnet, the issue was resolved!