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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Jan 15, 2019

-We welcome Chad Swarthout, founder and CEO of Alectrona, an Apple focused consultancy based in Washington, D.C. Chad has been supporting Apple devices in the enterprise for over 10 years. Chad and his team provide managed services, training, and consulting services for Apple devices in business environments across a range of industries.   -Sam has to let off some steam and discuss a client that shopped for hardware without his knowledge   -Jerry and Chad weigh in on their thoughts and legal and financial ramifications come up as a point of discussion for MSP contracts   -Sam wants to find out more about Chad’s MSP paperwork to see if he has documentation in place to protect against unexpected situations  -Chad presses Sam to find out more about why he should keep a professional relationship if a client is going to create self inflicted emergencies   -As Jerry mentions, this is an anchor client for Sam but it does lead to a conversation about “cutting the fat” when you have clients that may be hampering your business growth   -If you have a staff, moral on the team can drastically affect the overall business. The same applies to an army of one.   -Chad has learned over the years how being inefficient can lead to   -Sam shares a story about an employee that fell for an email phishing scam   -Chad’s office utilizes G Suite and he discusses a new security feature to avoid common spoofing methods    -Jerry also has a similar story with a sophisticated attack on a client’s email   -Two factor authentication, SPF records and the like come up as ways to mitigate these risks   -Jerry asks Chad to share details about his staff and consultancy in D.C.   -Jamf is a big part of how he manages his clients and keeps his staff operating efficiently and proactively    -Find Chad on the MacAdmins Slack @chad