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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Mar 5, 2019


-Jerry starts the show on a positive vibe to take a moment to pat yourself on the back and appreciate what you do. 
-Joe reminds us to check reports on our clients and what we earn per client. Among other things to review once a year or more. 
-Jerry works with Synology’s Surveillance Station in conjunction with IP cameras and gives us his experience 
-This peaks Sam’s curiosity because as his clients are looking for a camera solution, he is concerned about services that all require a valid internet connection to record data. 
-Access cameras are what Joe uses for most of his clients
-Joe paints a picture of a solid, bullet proof solution with local storage, PoE, etc. and talk of how clients can push back by seeing inexpensive options at retail stores. 
-Jerry talks of a possible push back on cloud services in the future
-Surveillance Station licensing can work with 2 cameras for free and add-ons are two at a time 
-Masking and motion detection are nice feature sets that make it a very worthwhile solution 
-Jerry concurs and gives us all a lesson on the distinct difference between shenanigans and hijinks
-On the heels of this conversation, Jerry gets into a story of setting up a new camera at a school and working with a subcontractor whose work was less than stellar.
-To turn that towards our own businesses, the team talks about dealing with their own employees when jobs go longer than expected or a learning curve is involved.
-Stories about running cabling or drilling at client sites create some amusing situations, even if they didn’t feel that way at the time.
-Continuing the conversation of working with subcontractors or electricians, each of the guys share their stories of hilarity