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Jun 4, 2019

At Your Server

Watchman Monitoring

Simple MDM

Templeton Group

-Jerry discusses the origin of the Jer-RE-SEND

-Jerry’s dad gets schooled on email security. His dad makes a statement that many of our clients share: “how am I supposed to know these things?"

-One of Joe’s clients thinks Touch ID will be “hacked”

-While on the topic of security, 1 Password is highly recommended by us but the built in iCloud Keychain has come a long way and may fit the bill for some customers

-Jerry’s dad provides some additional comic relief during a modem upgrade

-This story reminds Joe of The Print Shop software by Broderbund and the “tractor feed” paper

-Sam gets a little salty when describing a day that went sideways when attempting to adopt Ubiquiti Unifi equipment on site.  Something he aways recommends against.

-We discuss the important concepts of the sunk-cost fallacy, or escalation of commitment. How can we know when we're being tenacious, and when we're succumbing to commitment bias?

-Joe's issue connecting to public WiFi, captive portal login page doesn't load. There are workarounds, like closing the popup login page (which displays "A problem occurred: The web page couldn't be loaded.") and then manually loading in Safari, and refreshing the page repeatedly when necessary. Or loading the router's IP address in Safari. But it turns out that it's a bug in Sophos Home that affects Mojave, and they are working on a solution: Captive Portal / Login Page does not load on MacOS when connecting to a Public/Guest Wi-Fi Hotspot

- Joe uses a resource by Matt Coneybear to automate the process of connecting to VPN when on non-secure networks: