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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Oct 1, 2019


-The band is back together!  

-Jerry discusses upgrading from the iPhone 7 Plus to the iPhone 11.  He is “whelmed”

-Sam & Joe still haven’t pulled the trigger on upgrades

-A little time is spent talking about the latest product releases.  The Always On feature of the watch isn’t blowing our socks off.

-Jerry’s 2015 MacBook Pro went sideways and he had to put his skills to work on his own hardware

-An old issue that Jerry experienced before was related to Automated Device Enrollment at Setup Assistant

-Sam ran into an intriguing conundrum with blog posts created by our friends at the TidBITS Content Network

-Joe realizes that marketing is a part of his business that he needs to incorporate more

-The practice of sending using breached password combinations to gain access to secure information is called “Credential Stuffing”.  Jerry thinks Joe is talking about Thanksgiving

-Clients sending passwords via email is nothing new but Joe reveals how it can also lead to the client paying for time to have their consultant now change their credentials.  He also discusses how you as the consultant can be tied to this bad practice.

-Jerry shows up to a client site to do a hard drive upgrade on a Mac mini.  He heads into trouble when a keyboard he brings with him does not allow him to boot in to Target Disk Mode.

-He has another story at a client site where he was troubleshooting the wrong Brother printer