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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Oct 22, 2019


-Jerry teases that there are more things to come from Synology

-Jerry is listening to The Shining on audio and talks of the value of audio books

-“Catalina Witt” is a reference to the latest operating system that goes over Joe’s head

-Joe thinks a new corner called “Bozo clients” is in order as he recalls the clients that want to upgrade their operating system day 0

-On the flip side, he has quite the yarn to spin about a client that just won’t pull the trigger on managed services, yet proceeds to run OS updates without considering the ramifications.

-Jerry offers a bit of tough love in how he should approach this situation with a client that doesn’t seem to want to spend the time or the money to do things correctly

-Our friends at the TidBITS Content Network provide us with quality redistributable material that offers advice like why clients should hold off on Catalina upgrades 

-There are some bugs in Catalina that Jerry has experienced in his personal dealings

-Joe has an “I should have know this segment” about the Apple Watch

-The hosts are sharing a brain as they both have some things to say about Backblaze.  In Joe’s case, he has some information to share about the .bzvol directory, which it places at the root directory of all drives that are backed up:

-Jerry’s story has a shocking resolution recommended by Backblaze support. As stated by their support team:
“Thanks for collecting those logs! They were very helpful. The inherit is timing out on our end while trying to assemble the backup state index files to prepare them for the download part of the inherit. This means your older backup state’s indexes are too large for the inherit process to handle and parse correctly. You will need manually transfer your license to continue with our services.”

-Another tidbit Joe shares about Backblaze deals with their 30 day backup limitation. He discusses some little know facts about that timeline:

-Arq is another backup solution that Jerry recommends is on the same price point as other vendors.