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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Nov 5, 2019

This week we welcome Justin Esgar of Virtua Consulting Group & Virtua Computers

-ACEs Conference just completed its 5th year!

-2019 introduced a new format of less speakers and more round table discussions

-ACEs 2020 has been announced!  May 19-20 in Atlanta, GA

-Code CCP at will get you 10% off ticket prices

-Justin talks about his support team including his wife, employees, and board of directors.

-Coopetition, a term that Kim Mannit coined, is a big part of the discussion in how the Apple consultants community operates

-Justin recently rebranded his business, Virtua Computers, to Virtua Consulting Group.  This change incorporates his different businesses into one umbrella.

-A new product from Virtua is Your Computer Inventory, where you can share specific computer inventory information with your clients:

-Justin talks about learning from his app, SignMyPad, where he sold it at a price in the App Store but didn’t have a subscription model that became popular years later.