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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Nov 12, 2019


-The New York City support edition

-Sam had a sizable job in NYC and had to request assistance from Joe & Jerry

-But first, Joe discusses his upgrade to the iPhone 11 Pro and working with the dual SIM feature

-Joe finds out that it is not possible to activate an eSIM with an existing phone number


-Jerry can relate after recalling an experience with his Apple Watch

-To add insult to injury, Joe has an issue with the actual purchase transaction 

-Joe’s NYC client story is a tale of woe that has his team dealing with a network support group that operates from another country and doesn’t keep US based support hours 

-Pop quiz time as Joe reveals how to gather MAC address details from a Ubiquiti USG Pro

-Joe has a PSA about the USG Pro as well

-With the time that Joe has left to Sam, he shares a story of a big job in size and manpower that entailed backing up, wiping and provisioning roughly 200 computers in three weeks.

-Mac Deploy Stick (MDS) by Two Canoes is an excellent deployment tool that Sam explored on this job:

-Sam wraps up by telling a funny anecdote in corporate IT