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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Apr 7, 2020


-Sam was on a Zoom conference with family and it could only be described as mayhem

-Jerry has a gripe about LinkedIn

-Command+Q and remote sessions

-Support call experience surveys set Jerry off

-Take out precautions as well as any other outside contact is discussed

-Joe wanted to know if Sam received responses from his newslette

-Sam has concerns about clients that may choose to suspend services, especially as his automated monthly invoices go out.

-Although it’s been discussed before Joe starts a dialogue about installing Watchman Monitoring in situations even when clients are not paying for ongoing services

-Jerry wonders about the value that clients may comprehend in something like Watchman Monitoring since it often times runs in the background

-Jerry’s not looking for trouble

-A client facing report is on Jerry’s wish list

-Sam gives Joe a shout out for a couple of scripts in Addigy that adjust Watchman Monitoring settings like Time Machine alerts ( and root capacity warnings (

-Watchman can now gather the correct age of a Mac computer since they had to make changes after Apple began randomizing serial numbers

-With users working from home, how are backups being handled?

-Joe recommends this G-Tech portable drive: