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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Apr 28, 2020


-There is a lull that Joe sees over the last two weeks so he explores an option to offer Watchman Monitoring for his clients free of charge

-Jerry goes in depth into his strategy and changes in his process with tools like Watchman Monitoring

-Another idea was to change the name of his service, originally called MacWorks Monitoring, to MacWorks Alerts in an effort to make it more friendly to the user.

-After a new newsletter and free options for the newly minted service, he received very little response from his clients.

-The group at Command Control power wish the group at TidBITS a happy 30th anniversary!  They have provided invaluable information to us and fellow Apple consultants.  If you aren’t already a member of the TidBITS Content Network, consider becoming a member:

-As Joe asks Sam how his monthly clients have responded, he brings up one particular client that not only was behind on payment, but had their internet service cutoff due to non payment.

-Jerry notes that you cannot lean on anyone to sell anything new during this time. 

-Sam also adds that it would be good to check on some of your clients on a personal level.  Not everyone gets through this as well as others.

-Sam wants to know what people are doing to help their mental and physical health since this can be stressful in many ways

-Each of the hosts reveal what they do to keep themselves moving.  Sometimes you need to take your mind off of work, even if business is slow. 

-Reallocating newly available time is another concept that we are all needing to grapple with.

-Sam has been working on certifications for the Certified Wireless Network Professional:

-Another item he has been working on is revamping his MSP documentation and moving away from the “magic number” and itemizing services as well as signing up for more partner programs.

-What are you working on these days?  CCP wants to know!