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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

May 5, 2020


-We dive right in with Joe telling a story of inadvertently having a client take apart a Magic Mouse.  So she can’t use her computer but she can now use the Zoom app on her iPhone.  So there’s that.

-Speaking of Zoom, Jerry has a hell of a time trying to use Group FaceTime with friends.  So they moved to Zoom.

-Joe has seen an uptick in work this past week.  Jerry & Sam can’t say the same.

-Jerry has an odd issue with a client who lost his admin account on the Mac.  Sam is now his buddy after assisting via Messages.

-Another interesting development that Jerry is seeing is people pulling old computers out of the closet to work with.  He is referring all of those clients to PsiMac.  Joe will happily take them.

-Live, during the show, we receive word that Jon Brown of Grove Technologies has returned as a VIP sponsor!  Thanks Jon!

-Joe asks Sam for some updates on his MSP contract.  He has taken the new approach to itemize all the services he offers.  He also hopes that it provides incentive for clients to inquire about additional services that his company offers.

-Sam’s new MSP is going out this week to a potential client

-In recent weeks, Joe sent out a newsletter to offer Watchman Monitoring for free to clients.  He provides an update of how clients responded.  Just the information alone that he gathered from Watchman Monitoring allowed the beginning of conversations for possible next steps.

-When clients unsubscribe from your newsletter, it can feel personal.

-While on the subject of Watchman Monitoring, enrollment codes is a great way to allow self enrollment: Enrollment codes

-The Aces Conference: The Prequel is on for May 19-20 and Command Control Power will be participating.  Sign up to be a part of it all!

-And don’t forget, Aces will be in Atlanta in October: