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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

May 19, 2020


-Sam is recording from his beach front property

-Jerry has the Richard Wingfield starter kit with his goatee.  An homage to our friend and contributor to the show

-Joe could not get his janky mic to work moments before recording the show

-In a recent trip to the market, Sam loses one of his AirPods while taking off his mask.

-While on the topic of AirPods, Jerry has a tip for easily pairing your AirPods with your Mac. An app called ToothFairy:

-Joe has his fancy pants AirPods Pro and shows off the features

-We go around the horn to show our threads.  Joe is wearing his company logo, PsiMac.  Jerry is proudly wearing a Watchman Monitoring shirt.  Sam is wearing an Origin84 shirt from listener and friend of the show, Michael Thompsen.

-Sam is so far disappointed with the performance of his new MacBook Air.  Jerry wonders if he has too many items on his desktop…

-Joe recently purchased a MacBook Air, right before the release of the latest model.  He has an Apple support story with a happy ending.

-With regards to the fan issues on the new MacBook Air computers, Joe talks about the limited “thermal headroom”.

-Jerry wants us to be guinea pigs to try an app called Turbo Boost, to disable that feature and see if ti helps:

-Sam decided he did not need a MacBook Pro any longer and he is now regretting that decision

-Joe asks about screen size and remote access. Jerry & Sam both use accessibility features to zoom in to areas of the remote computer.  

-Sam goes commando with his phone and has paid the price.  Jerry wonders about changing the name of the show.

-Jerry has been performing a good amount of iMac repairs and upgrades.  In a recent repair job, he suffers damage to the logic board.  He enlists the help of Command Control Power patron, John Moder of Crisp Solutions (  John puts him in touch with Computer Repair of Des Moines, who performed incredible work to repair the board.

-Moving to topics related to the current times, Sam has a direct conversation with his employee about what his comfort level is when it comes to visiting clients.  He also wants to make sure that the company supplies him with anything he needs.

-Having similar conversations with clients is also critical to make sure there is no confusion. Especially when they may be paying monthly for a service they expect to receive.

-As we all start adjusting to changes while being onsite, Joe watches in shock as other contractors at a client site are being very lax in their approach to safety.

-Working in this new remote capacity and essentially making your clients be your onsite hands can be awkward. In addition, it can lead to even more awkward conversations about billing.

-Thank you to Justin Esgar, Tim Pearson and the team at ACES!