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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

May 26, 2020


-CCP is on video!

-Jerry has commentary on his cohosts’ appearances

-Jerry & Joe are fancy coffee drinkers. Jerry’s coffee of choice is Afrique and he uses a Baratza Virtuoso grinder.

-Joe, a major fan of the band Tool, shows off the new album, Fear Inoculum along with visual props. He also shows some of the artwork from his friend, Alex Grey. 

-Sam had the opportunity to see a Tool show as well

-People deleting emails to free up space aggravates Jerry immensely 

-On the topic of clearing out mail, Joe assisted a customer in freeing up space with their ISP’s free email account. 

-Jerry has some show and tell to help visualize a story about storage space on an iMac. He uses a product called Grand Perspective.  Clam AV was taking up a tremendous amount of space, possibly with quarantined items. 

-Jerry discusses taking away markups on hardware to help his clients out

-What show would be complete without Sam discussing his buddy with a restaurant

-Sam does a rare repair for him as he replaces the logic board for a 2017 MacBook from his own 2016 MacBook

-Jerry does his best Sopranos impressions 

-Apizza is a thing and there are different theories as to how it came about 

-An entire section of the show is dedicated to the food service industry 

-Joe has “a buddy” who has a USB tester called “Is it me or is it just USB”.  Command Control Power is offering these free to our Patreon sponsors at the $25 and above level. And the t-shirts are coming! (Better late than never)