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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Jul 14, 2020


-As Sam ventures out to clients again, he realizes he is not prepared for some basic functionality out in the world.

-Both Joe & Jerry are fancy coffee drinkers

-Jerry was in for a shock as he walks in the door to a client where they were not practicing the same measures that he was for safety.

-Joe was hopeful of a video from Jerry’s incident but no such luck.

-Sam thinks he’s taking the brave approach of assisting a client in setting up Google WiFi remotely. That’s just a regular workday for Joe.

-Google seems to require the Google WiFi app for setup, then the Google Home app moving forward.

-Google WiFi vs Eero. Which would you choose?

-The iOS screen sharing via QuickTime didn’t work for Sam and Joe recalls having a similar issue lately.

-All this discussion of remote access get Joe all riled up again about screen recording on macOS.

-A once exciting and now disappointing “feature” of Ubiquiti UniFi was up alerts. Sam figured this would be a great way to find out once a device came back online but instead, he received repeated and unnecessarily alerts throughout the day. So much so that he had to turn this feature off.

-Joe is in for quite a surprise while attempting to remotely upgrade a client to macOS 10.15.5. His client ended up on the beta of Big Sur! He had to do some extra work to create a script in Addigy using the seedutil command. This would allow him to get the status of computers in the Developer Program. Thanks to Shawn Maddock for pointing him in the right direction with seedutil. Joe has submitted those as scripts and custom facts for the community. 

-Sam also mentions managing beta program access via MDM configuration profile.

-A bug that may occur when enrolling into the Big Sur beta is that your computer will display a message stating that “your computer is being managed by swscan”, as noted in the developer documentation: