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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Aug 4, 2020

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-We debate the earth’s shape and whether or not it spins. Share your opinion!

-Satellite ISPs create a new level of headache for Joe’s remote support. 

-Joe thinks he is chronically under billing. Remote work may contribute to that issue.

-Jerry offers some ideas for a sliding scale.

-Michael Thomsen has some valuable input via Slack to contribute to the billing discussion.

-Right in line with the billing conversation, Jerry has a rough go at it while trying to migrate data for a client. It look him to the next day both on and off site and ended up billing only a fraction of his efforts.

-All this talk about how many hours to bill remind Sam of Monty Python and The Holy Grail:

-A debate ensues about what is a reasonable amount of time to bill and how much the client.

-Not to be left out, Sam has a new client that he under billed for onboarding services. He struggles to figure out how to deal with that because of their history with a previous consultant.

-Sam finds himself in a tough spot when he was “way high” on a ladder