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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Sep 8, 2020


-Sam has one heck of a bad day and is quite salty...

-His first client of the day is not ready for his visit. 

-Wires were not run, software was not purchased, and people were late. 

-In the meantime, an unexpected rain storm leaves him with a wet car. 

-A second client called with a serious attitude problem. 

-Joe has questions about how Sam quoted and will ultimately bill the job. 

-Sam shouldn’t have even been there:

-Where Sam sees frustration, Joe sees potential dollar signs. 

-Sam is growing tired of playing the same old hits. 

-Not surprisingly, the topic of hiring someone starts to bubble up again.

-Using trustworthy clients and/or on the job testing is a key component to the hiring process. 

-365 admin portals confound Sam. 

-Do we have the ability to multi task well?

-As Sam helps his buddy with a restaurant, he came across a situation where Ubiquiti was reporting a “rogue” access point. He describes a way to deal with it.