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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Sep 22, 2020


-Joe has been in the Pacific Northwest recently and shares some of his experiences being in areas affected by the recent wildfires.

-After being in Colorado for two months, he went to Washington, where he hiked North Cascades National Park.

-The haze of smoke and smell of fire on a regular basis became a worry.

-We learn a lot about air quality index measurements and how to observe it in Apple Maps. In the Seattle area, they saw an AQI of 220, a considerably unhealthy number.

-They eventually made it to Montana

-As they drove through Spokane, they experienced an AQI of 492.

-We think of our friends that live in those areas that are affected and they don’t have the luxury of leaving the area.

-While in safer territory, Joe experiences a comically opposite situation when a sprinkler system goes off in the middle of a work day.

-Sam has an uncomfortable conversation with a neighbor that invades his personal space.

-The hosts get political and discuss their feelings on the current state of affairs and who to vote for president.

-A big shout out to Adam Engst of TidBITS Content Network and his endorsement of Joe Biden.