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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Sep 29, 2020


-Sam worked on a job to replace an entire Ruckus installation with Ubiquiti UniFi APs.  Not surprisingly, the cost was a lot lower for UniFi.

-He decided to initially only use the 5GHz frequency since 2.4GHz has few options for channels and many other devices operate on that frequency.

-Jerry grills Sam on his decisions for the UniFi installation.

-Sam explains how he made adjustments by creating different WLAN groups in the UniFi controller.

-Joe reminds us of a PSA Jerry put out to the group in relation to the latest UniFi controller version and the issues it was causing.

-While on the topic of UniFi, Joe revisits a job he did with outdoor Mesh Pro access points and outdoor waterproof electric outlets.

-Pro tip! Take photos of your work to show future clients what your company is capable off.

-Another Pro Tip! Don’t use hidden SSIDs. They do not offer any security benefit and can also cause a device to use more power.

-While on a job with a WatchGuard firewall, Jerry describes how he uses MAC addresses to allow staff devices to bypass content filters. However, a new feature of iOS 14 is MAC address randomization. This could have completely sent his work into a tailspin but fortunately he found his answer quickly. He was able to relay the changes necessary to staff:

-Sam finds that app age restrictions in MDM affects the ability to deploy a browser like Google Chrome, since it technically has the ability to access inappropriate websites.

-Jerry wants to know Sam’s method for competing in the PC market.

“I make the mistakes so you don’t have to” - Jerry Zigmont

“He spun a good yarn until the very end” - Joe Saponare

“I do not enjoy supporting PC clients….at all” - Sam Valencia