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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Nov 17, 2020


-Joe had a client reach out just to say something positive about Parallels 16. How infrequently do we get those feel good calls?

-Speaking of Parallels 16, Jerry has a gripe about a Parallels update that ended up costing him.

-Sam wants to inject some feel good stories and talks about a free offer from a local ISP for households with educators and school age children.

-Another great tool for educators is Safe You Tube, a site that lets you play YouTube videos for children, without potentially inappropriate ad content.

-What happened to paper cups?

-We have some follow up to the Carbon Copy Cloner Privacy Fish, from Mike Bombitch himself!

-And now we have a hot air balloon from Tech Tool Pro.

-Amy McKnight and others give Joe some credit for his PSA about being able to open PDFs in Microsoft Word.

-Jerry is annoyed by a client that is clearly multi tasking while trying to work with him remotely.

-Joe has a similar client and sees the proof with Handoff displaying multiple apps in their Mac Dock. 

-While trying to work with a new client remotely, Sam seems just how difficult it can be when leaving a lot of the work to the client.

-Sam & Joe have a live conversation about a potential new client that they are both in discussions with.