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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Dec 8, 2020


-One of Sam’s clients shows off their new podcast studio. Sam stays silent about Command Control Power since he likely has spoken about them. 

-Joe blows Sam’s cover about how he used his new fancy Rode microphone backwards on a recent show. 

-We discuss our first mics. 

-As the guys check in about business status, Sam talks about a client that finally suspended monthly services. 

-Most recently, one of Jerry’s education clients had to request a quote from multiple vendors during a renewal period.

-A recent client call sounded like a Kobayashi Maru and an impossible feat to accomplish so Jerry & Joe figure, let’s refer Sam!

-Joe is really hoping to replace his janky MacBook Pro.

-As this show was recorded before the M1 announcement, Joe considers what new Mac computers will be on the horizon.

-Sam has a strange volume issue with his 2020 MacBook Air

-As we revisit the HP driver issue, Joe credits the MacAdmins Slack for pointing him in the right direction. 

-Joe questions the validation process.

-Should you just live off the grid?

-One of Joe’s clients designed software once used on the space shuttle.