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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Dec 15, 2020


-After our show with Jon Brown of Grove Technologies, Joe wanted to listen again to absorb the information on things like pricing models. 

-Sam is exploring option for changing up his monthly number to a tiered system, similar to Grove Technologies. 

-As they get into the tiered option, the hosts begin to discuss their thoughts about everything from profit to detail of services. 

-Joe talks about his model and how he includes a smaller monthly fee with a discount on pre-paid hours. 

-We revisit reselling services that our clients need. Even small numbers add up over time. Services like Microsoft 365, Backupify, BackBlaze are common. 

-Sam discusses the ease of use with Backupify and has a recent use case. 

-Dopbox Business Partner Program has a good incentive for partners who sign up. 

-What about Synology and local servers? Where do they fit in with our clients?