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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Jan 5, 2021

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-We discuss where our businesses stand for the year after the financial affects of COVID

-Jerry & Joe share a moment discussing a job they collaborated on.

-What appeared to be a standard Wi-Fi upgrade takes a left turn as they have to focus on a printer that simply won’t connect.

-Is a wooden box waterproof?

-Did Sam need to be on the show this week?

-Joe finds that there is no reboot option in the GUI for the UniFi Dream Machine Pro so he describes how to SSH to the device and send a reboot command.

-From the Reddit Eero forum, Jerry has been hearing a lot of rumbling and negative feedback about the new Eero Pro 6. Joe backs up Eero’s responses.

-What Apple devices support Wi-Fi 6?

-As Joe assists a client with extending Wi-Fi coverage by phone, it creates more questions for us as far as billing and planning. While Sam thinks it takes less work, Joe counters that there is more work on the planning and preparing side of things.