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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Jan 12, 2021


-Joe & Jerry geek out about the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

-Jerry gushes over Gal Gadot.

-He also confuses the term “throw some shade”.

-Jerry talks about his fancy water rower and using Apple Fitness+.

-There are some limitations of Apple Fitness+, including needing an Apple Watch when using it with an Apple TV.

-Joe & Ashleigh take daily walks as part of their exercise and he talks about sharing fitness data

-A post holiday COVID update.

-Joe talks about 1Password’s regression.

-Evernotes update is underwhelming as well.

-In the “I should know this” nook, Jerry discovers how to swipe between apps on the iPhone.

-Joe actually attended the MacWorld when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone.

-“Drag up and make an upside down L”. Sound advice from Jerry Zigmont.

-On New Year’s Eve, one of Joe’s clients has a greyed out Get button on her iPad. Turned out to be iCloud Family Sharing restrictions.

-Splashtop SOS on the iOS App Store gets two thumbs up from Jerry: