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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Jan 19, 2021


-Sam shares with us that he has been vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine.

-He volunteers with the local Emergency Response Team and was given the opportunity for early vaccination.

-Going back to tech, Joe has an issue related to his passwords in Safari hanging up the process. As he digs into the problem, he discovers an issue with his Keychain.

-Howard Oakley from one of our favorite sites, Eclectic Light Company (, guides him through the process of correcting issues with your Login Keychain.

-Sam shares a great little tidbit he learned from colleague Steve Leebove of Mac Rescue ( Holding down the Option key while clicking the Advanced button in Network Preferences reveals additional fields like Hidden or Shareable. But what are the grayed out networks that can only be seen while holding down Option?

-Another good one that Sam found was when attempting to access a backup DMG on a Synology and receives the message “resource temporarily unavailable”. Using the Synology widget for Connected Users, he was able to remove the sessions for that user and mount the DMG after that.

-And oldie but goodie. Joe talks about using Migration Assistant after Setup Assistant and configuring a user as opposed to doing it during. In addition, when going through Migration Assistant, wait for all the folder sizes to be calculated before proceeding with migration. He has a recent engagement with a client where this proved to still be the correct method.

-Sam’s last tip involves KEXT user approvals. When Turbo Boost Switcher Pro was not functioning properly in macOS Big Sur, he had to find a way to re-allow it. Here is the syntax pulled from kmutil trigger-panic-medic --volume-root /Volumes/<YourVolumeName>.

-Joe talks about the Staged Extensions folder where these kernel extensions could live prior to approval.

-What is FileVault Disk incrimination?