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Feb 2, 2021

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-We share a bit about our numbers and how the pandemic has affected income. 

-Being more aggressive about charging for billable time in situations where you might offer a discount in the past. 

-Jerry finds that sharing documents in Microsoft Teams is not as straightforward as other video conferencing services. 

-Microsoft Teams for Mac is not up to the same standards as Windows.

-Adam Codega has suggested a Microsoft tool to remove all things Microsoft. 

-Joe & Jerry continue on about offering discounts and the negative impacts on a business. 

-We all love UniFi product. But Jerry talks about a new URL for administering their products has changed. This seemingly happened without notice. 

-A snag that Jerry hit was that the first account that gets added to the controller is automatically listed as the owner. So if using your company email, you appear as the owner as opposed to the client. 

-John Moder also provided some advice on this topic. 

-On a positive UniFi note, listener Greg talks of an issue similar to Joe’s where a printer wouldn’t see the Wi-Fi network due to an apostrophe in the name. Creating another SSID was once again the resolution. 

-Jerry wants to get into the discussion of leasing network equipment to customers. 

-Another consultancy actually puts their stickers on customer computers, chargers and equipment.