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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Feb 9, 2021


-This week we welcome Amy McKnight, owner of The Mac Spa and Mac Mentor

-Amy talks about choosing the Fit Bit over the Apple Watch. 

-It spawns a conversation about fitness. 

-She tells us her story about dealing with the pandemic in the early days and how it affected her businesses. She also used it as an opportunity to pursue other avenues. 

-Amy’s goal has been to reach more people in more places. To that end, they have put their classes on Zoom and made them available to customers outside of the Denver area. 

-As they go more virtual, her company is looking for more partners to help broaden their reach. 

-Joe has been doing remote work for a lot longer than any of us and her inadvertently prepared for these times. 

-How much of these changes are permanent?

-Amy’s primary market is the residential space and focus is on empowering people to understand the technology. 

-Classes are more scalable than the break/fix part of IT. 

-Mac Mentor has some core classes like intro to Mac and managing passwords. 

-Both Amy and Steve have a presentation setup with multiple computers and devices. 

-Friday’s are Q&A sessions just for members. 

-Recurring fees for classes is a great way to keep a good customer base. 

-The Class Pass is now available as an affiliate program. Interested affiliates can sign up with Mac Mentor

-Jerry describes how this can fill a niche for consultants that are busy “fixing”. 

-Stress free support appears to be the opposite of Jerry’s experience. 

-Amy ordered a new MacBook Pro with the M1 chip.