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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Mar 2, 2021

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Happy 400th episode!….2 episodes late.

  • Joe dropped his iPhone 11 Pro Max. He ends up replacing it with a new iPhone 12 pro which leads into a group discussion about iPhone repairs and carriers

  • He talks about the difficulties he had and the time it took when trying to get two carriers on his new phone. eSIM and physical SIM setup order is important!

  • Sam sets up three separate Genius Bar appointments for his iPhone 11, Apple Watch series 3, and AirPod Pro issues. This leads into a second unexpected event that causes him to be locked out of his car.

  • Pop quiz - What did Sam forget when he restored his iCloud backup to a new phone?

  • The group speaks about being treated as a normal consumer when purchasing technology or speaking with customer service.

  • Sam reveals his oversight with Google Authenticator.

  • iCloud Drive presents a challenge to Jerry in an experience he had with a client losing a very important file in iCloud drive.

  • Joe piggybacks off of Jerry’s story and talks about his client also losing data.

  • Should you use the trash to store files? PsiMac may have an offering for you!