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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Mar 30, 2021


  • This week we are joined once again by Armin Briegel of and the author of “macOS Terminal and Shell”
  • Armin speaks about his personal pandemic experience with work and family.

  • The group speaks about the differences in how different countries are handling the pandemic. They have extended the lockdown in the Netherlands until April, while it seems the U.S. is loosening up. Vaccinations are rolling out a bit slower in Europe than the States.

  • No one’s network was prepared for the pandemic with the amount of people working from home.

  • Armin tells us about how conferences in the near future are looking. Many are still holding out but one he was planning on attending has already chosen to go online even though it is scheduled for October.

  • It is worrisome for conference speakers because they have to plan on how to talk based on if it is virtual, pre-recorded, or in-person.

  • Armin speaks about his experience speaking at virtual conferences and preparing for pre-recorded sessions as well.

  • Sam dislikes speaking online when everyone has their camera off because he feels disconnected from the audience.

  • Sometimes it is less stressful to present a pre-recorded session and answer questions in the chat.

  • Now that presentations are recorded online, you cannot reuse a presentation and you have to build a new one each time.

  • Armin plans on presenting at JNUC.

  • Sam is looking forward to regularly interacting with people in 2022.

  • Armin talks a bit about his new book “macOS Terminal and Shell” (available on Apple Books) and how he began self-publishing in 2016. He has managed to publish a book almost every year since then.

  • Jerry talks to Armin about why he specifically chose Terminal as the subject for his book and the difficulties of talking about Terminal and Shell.

  • Armin is planning to write his next book on scripting.

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