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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Apr 6, 2021

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  • What exactly is technical debt?

  • Jerry has two pretty big professional clients who have accumulated quite a bit of technical debt.

  • Spending money on important things will save you the trouble of dealing with it later.

  • The group talks about how these clients who refuse to spend money sometimes aren’t sustainable.

  • News Flash: On TeamViewer you can now disable in-product marketing messages.

  • Sam is looking into a business continuity document that can be very useful especially with clients who don’t listen (thanks to Michael Thompsen of Origin84 for the tip).

  • When your system can’t keep up with you it can cause you to be unproductive because you end up wasting time on things and switching tasks.

  • Sam tells a story about how one of his client’s old systems finally kicked the bucket and he had to get all of their data back.

  • Tip: Update your software about every 2 to 3 years.

  • You end up paying less to keep up with updates than to fix everything when it goes wrong.

  • Joe actually had to buy floppy disks for a job he had to do on a Powerbook 100.

  • Jerry shares two useful tools he uses: and a helpful calendar app called Harmonizely. Harmonizely allow clients to schedule appointments and offers direct integration with Daylite..

  • Daylight training has been transformative for Jerry.

  • Sam can’t bring himself to start offering calendaring services to his clients. One reason is a need for control.

  • Joe also talks about showing just how unavailable you might be.

  • Jerry talks about the mysterious “alien arrow” that one of Joe’s clients has been telling him about.

  • What is Casper Sky??