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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Apr 13, 2021


  • Sam talks about how efficient the MFA set up on 1Password is.

  • When clients are prepared with their 1Password vault it makes it a lot easier for the group to do their jobs.

  • Creating a vault with client data can be very helpful.

  • Does anyone create separate vaults for each of their clients?

  • 1Password is huge for teams, however, setting it up isn’t always worth it if it’s just for one person.

  • Joe talks about the new, app-less 1Password extension.

  • Sam shares information from a recent article that came out about chrome data-harvesting.

  • He says: DO NOT USE CHROME!


  • Joe shares a story about a client who had a scary problem with the Nest security system because they didn’t migrate their account when Google bought out Nest. They refused to return her money when they weren’t providing the monitoring services she was paying for.

  • Lately companies have seemed a little lax when it comes to their clients threatening to cancel their service.

  • Sam is very hesitant to recommend Kitcast because of an issue he had with the customer service. They actually discovered they had a problem with how they deploy their app but they seem to be very slow on fixing it.

  • Joe asks Sam about his billing and MSP that they had talked about 6 months ago and the two of them discuss how they bill their clients.

  • Sam talks about an “uncouth” interaction he had with a rude client.

  • Joe explains how he used Omni Disk Sweeper to help discover what was causing a weird problem for one of his clients.

  • What is the mystery “System” that often contains a lot of data that seems to be non-removable?