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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

May 11, 2021


  • We give a shoutout to TidBits, which is a very useful subscription for consultants. Sign up for free apple content here:

  • Joe and Jerry talk about things they have noticed with clients who deal with memory loss.

  • Jerry talks about the difficulties of trying to instruct clients over the phone when you do not have remote access.

  • Value-based billing is a hot topic.

  • They talk about the touch ID on the new Mac and how it has been tripping people up.

  • Joe wonders what he is going to have an issue with when he is older even with his profession being completely technology focused now.

  • The group talks about purchasing from authorized “resellers”.

  • Why doesn’t Apple recognize purchasing from Apple authorized resellers as purchasing from Apple?

  • Jerry doesn’t often recommend Drobo, but he is concerned why there are still constraints in the supply chain.

  • The group discusses different products and how things have changed.

  • Joe talks about Promise and alternatives.

  • SoftRAID and OWC isn’t always a match made in heaven.

  • Every time you acquiesce