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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Jun 1, 2021

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  • This week we are excited to be joined by Jason Dettbarn, the founder and CEO of Addigy.

  • Dates for The Addigy User Summit have been booked for February, 2022:
  • Throughout the pandemic, they started seeing more VPN and remote control technology being put into use in order to manage devices.

  • COVID forced the whole IT industry to improve, since everything had to be done remotely.

  • Jason explains how the pandemic has actually effected his business positively.

  • Take a European summer this summer authorized by Jason Dettbarn.

  • Sam and Jerry think Joe’s been on a break for the past three years.

  • Joe thanks Jason for the great product he’s created, specifically Addigy LiveDesktop while he does one of his famous remote migrations.

  • Additional remote control capabilities will be announced at their Innovation Summit.

  • Join Addigy for their Innovation Summit on June 15!

  • Quick Tip for Addigy users: Joe has a URL on his site for users to enroll into Addigy on the fly to allow management when they need it.

  • Addigy will be adding variables to their Custom Facts in an upcoming update.

  • Custom criteria will be added to allow auto assigning devices to a particular policy.

  • Addigy is the only multi tenancy solution to allow Single Sign-On for Mac.

  • Apps & Books deployment is now available in Self Service.

  • Thomas Reed from Malwarebytes will be joining the security panel of the Innovation Summit.

  • Addigy places a big value on community.

  • The Custom Fact feature allows you to report custom criteria about a computer that isn’t built into Addigy.

  • The community aspect is what allowed such a quick remediation of Silver Sparrow.

  • “Day zero” support is already too late. Jason explains how Addigy prepares.

  • The Command Control Power crew had their own Addigy Summit.

  • Use all of the features available to you when installing Addigy.

  • Addigy Certified Expert, Addigy Certified Associate certifications are available from Addigy:

  • Joe talks about maintaining software updates using Addigy.

  • Content caching is a feature that will explored in the near future.

  • Jerry has a theory about kernel panic alerts he has seen from some of his users.

  • Don’t forget about the Addigy Innovate Summit on June 15th!