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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Jun 15, 2021


  • Sam gives a shoutout to Armin Briegel of Scripting OS X for solving a huge problem he was having. If you’re not subscribing to his site, you should be.

  • Being a part of the Mac Admins community is invaluable.

  • Joe talks about creating a custom AppleScript to sync data in the Photos app. Jerry brings up an interesting point about support over the network.

  • Note to self: Triple the estimate when quoting a scripting/automation job!

  • The group talks about their automation processes.

  • One of Sam’s old difficult clients who he had not talked to in years reached out to him for help. He was not sure how to respond.

  • Joe shared a similar story about a client who rebook things off with him coming back after years.

  • Jerry says that taking notes can be extremely helpful especially when trying to remember what happened with a client in the past. Daylite is an excellent tool for documenting this information and attaching to a client record.

  • Sam tried to part ways with a client that was very time consuming but he didn’t have the heart.

  • Joe shares a tip on setting up hot corners because even though they’ve been useful, they also drive him crazy.

  • Shoutout to the TidBits content newsletter for sharing tips that even the professionals don’t know!