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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Jun 29, 2021

Season 8 is here!

  • Thank you to our long time sponsor, Jon Brown of Grove Technologies for his continued and increased support of Command Control Power.

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  • In the latest “I should have known this” corner, Joe learned something new about widgets from the TidBITs newsletter.

  • Sam adds another TidBITs tip about AirTags.

  • Jerry revisits the Mouse Jiggler app from Episode 246: Let Go Of My Echo or Echo Location that helped his Fusion Drive encryption proceed, and shares some excellent feedback from Tom Bridge re: encryption requiring the mouse to be moving. Tom suspected Apple is "using the entropy from the mouse cursor to do part of the encryption" which is apparently the case in High Sierra with APFS (although Jerry's drive was not APFS). 

  • Jiggler 1.9 : No-Doz for your Mac

  • A benefit to working remotely is that the client won’t see every time you have to google an answer!

  • Sam purchased a 13 inch MacBook pro M1 and then somehow a random serial number got added to his apple business manager.

  • He made the mistake of not listening to Joe’s rules for making a new migration work properly.

  • Joe and Sam are both very happy with their newer M1 computers since they finally have devices that can keep up with everything they do.

  • Jerry suggests Synology Migration Assistant because it works very well for him.

  • While completing a migration Jerry ran into a password problem.

  • Both Joe & Jerry have gathered a treasure-trove of knowledge from a series of YouTube videos from SpaceRex. He has put out helpful videos that can improve Synology performance like this one:

  • Little tips like disabling SMB1 or SMB encryption on Synology to increase speeds have been helpful.

  • Jerry also talks about the realities link aggregation.

  • Always consider the quality of drives you add to your drive array.

  • Avoid SMR (Shingled Magnetic Recording) drives and look instead for CMR (Conventional Magnetic Recording) drives.

  • “Cache” is king.

  • Jerry has a real issue with terrible unboxing videos.

  • Jerry would love to have a better partner relationship with Synology.

  • Joe wants to talk more about ransomware, malware, and protecting your data more in future episodes.

  • Important tip: Always have a backup!

  • There are risks to relying solely on backups without an “air gap”.

  • Sam and Joe highly recommends the Security Advisor on Synology