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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Aug 3, 2021

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Special Thanks to our friends:


  • Jerry recently took the Addigy Certified Expert training

  • Text Sniper is an incredibly useful tool that is like OCR for your screen:

  • Jerry uses it during a presentation to capture text for notes.

  • Addigy integrating Splashtop is a welcome addition to their feature set for remote support.

  • Joe tells a funny story about Outlook reminders in his latest peeves corner.

  • He prefers first party because he likes to know Apple’s solution first and know the ins and outs.

  • The group discusses Mail issues.

  • Western Digital MyCloud Drive isn’t our favorite choice for customers.

  • We have to choose the right equipment or software for our clients based on what is right for them but also what we can support well.

  • Sam shares a funny story about trying to talk to a tech person at Staples.

  • Should the group start a show where they go to local stores and ask tech questions?

  • Joe talks about the times before he was an Apple consultant and shares the story about how he found out about the Apple Consultants Network.

  • Is Sam Neo from the Matrix?

  • The crew talks about older, unreliable software like Retrospect

  • Jerry has an internet recovery issue with a local Mac mini acting as a content cache