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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Oct 19, 2021


-Joe has to troubleshoot his own internet connection with the ISP.

-GoNetSpeed appears to be a new provider in the Fairfield County area in CT.

-Jerry has some challenges connecting routers that auto config to an Altice modem/router from Optimum Online.

-One of Sam’s clients decided to upgrade their ISP service without involving his team.

-Changing the all in one modem/router solutions can be extremely frustrating.

-Another one of Sam’s clients was down after the wiring consultant installed new equipment. It turned out to be oversight but it required a Saturday visit.

-Upgrading from Mojave to Big Sur is enough of an issue where there is a MacAdmins channel dedicated to it. (Channel: Mojave-Upgrade-Problem).

-Jerry has joined the Apple Silicon bandwagon.

-Has anybody else seen performance issues on Apple Silicon that requires a restart?