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Command Control Power • Apple Tech Support & Business Talk

Oct 26, 2021


-Sam shares a story about a stolen iPhone that, thankfully has a good ending.

-Joe debates an upgrade to the latest iPhone. He still has “the good phone”.

-AT&T has a great trade in deal that Jerry took advantage of.

-Jerry talks about the text capturing feature of iOS 15 vs Text Sniper.

-Have you tried to type “and” and your iPhone converted it to “abs”?

-An update on how to share photos to your Apple TV. Should Joe have known this?

-Microsoft Word has a transcription feature that Adam Codega reminded Jerry about.

-New segment: “Things everybody else knows”.

-Joe discusses some of the video features within Zoom.

-As Joe looks into green screen options, Sam has a good recommendation from El Gato:

-While out at a brewery to “eat”, Joe finds the restaurant uses a QR code to pay with Toast. This was a use case for app clips on the iPhone.

-MacPractice was having trouble on a weekly basis at one of Jerry’s clients. The fix was an odd one.

-The crew does their regular Dolly Drive check in.

-We make predictions about Apple’s latest announcement.

-Jerry has a heck of a time with a residential client having trouble playing music throughout their house. Using a hidden 5 GHz did the trick.

-Sam’s attempt at humor doesn’t amuse Jerry.